What are the costs involved with a DUI conviction in Arizona?

Would you believe $10,000?  Do you know these ads:  You blew a .08, now you just blew $ ten grand!images (2)

For a Misdemeanor DUI in Arizona, here are some figures of what it costs (minimum costs, monetarily):

  • Fees and Fines:  $2,100
  • Alcohol and Substance Classes and screenings: $550
  • Jail – $225
  • Interlock Device: $1,000
  • Vehicle insurance increases: $3,000 per year for up to 3 years /average
  • DUI lawyer cost :  $?  Depends

DUI lawyer cost:  $ Depends?  My AZ Lawyers law firm often takes calls from those wanting to know exactly how much it will cost for Arizona DUI representation.  And it does depend.  It also depends on the situation and each individual case:  the costs associated with an experienced Arizona DUI law attorney may vary depending on their qualifications and excellent case track record.  Many factors play into what it will cost to help a DUI client (first offense?  felony or misdemeanor?  is it a trial case?)

Your best option is to contact an attorney proficient in Arizona DUI law.

My AZ Lawyers is qualified to handle your DUI case.  In addition, My AZ Lawyers is willing to hear about your case and then discuss payment.  By all means, call for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, and then options can be given to you by the attorney.

Obviously you wish you could un-do a DUI arrest, but your next best move is to get in touch with a My AZ Lawyers attorney who will aggressively build a case for you to help minimize the consequences if you are facing a DUI conviction.  After hours and weekend appointments may be made for your convenience.

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