Chris Pine Pleads Guilty to DUI

Chris Pine is a Hollywood actor best known for playing James T. Kirk in the modern Star Trek movie. He is a 33 year successful actor with an impressive resume. Unfortunately, Chris Pine also recently pleaded guilty in a court in New Zealand to a DUI charge.

sign adChris was pulled over after leaving a party celebrating the end of a new movie. Per the police report, he said he had four drinks and a blood alcohol level of .11 percent, over the legal limit in New Zealand.

Chris’ lawyer entered the plea and the judge acknowledged that Pine appeared to show remorse and accepted his plea. Obviously, showing remorse is good and a fair judge is good. Whether or not a judge is fair or understanding is not always something you can control but you can make the best choices possible for yourself and for the safety of others.

The good news is nothing devastating happened that night – there was no car accident, nobody was injured or killed and Mr.Pine is accepting responsibility for his actions. Some may argue that Chris Pine was actually ok to drive. After all, driving your car home after a few drinks at a party is not so bad, is it? Many people do this. However, that is a bad basis for judgement and the law is clear. If you are over the legal blood alcohol limit, you are not okay to drive – period.

This is of course an anecdotal story about a celebrity. A celebrity who was lucky that he paid for his actions with fines and a court appearance and who already has a very financially lucrative career. For everyday people in this world, this is not the case. A DUI offense can ruin future job opportunities and worse.

DUI is a serious offense and can have terrible consequences for oneself and others around you. The best course of action is to not drive while under the influence ever. Obviously there are instances when poor judgement occurs and that mistake is made. Arizona has very strict laws against DUI and if you are arrested, the Mesa DUI lawyers at My AZ Lawyers can help.

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