Will I have to go to court? What will happen then?

If you are charged with an Arizona DUI, you might find yourself in the one of the following DUI courts:

  • Arcadia Biltmore
  • Chandler City
  • Downtown
  • East Mesa
  • Mesa City
  • Phoenix City
  • Scottsdale City
  • Tempe City

imagesMy AZ Lawyers experienced Arizona DUI law attorneys are ready to represent you at any of these courts.  The process is complex and many factors about your case and specific situation will determine your experience in court.  For this reason, it is important to have legal representation with you — a lawyer who is familiar with what happens in DUI court, and will in turn make the appearance for you less confusing and intimidating.

In addition, you will need to appear at a hearing at the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).  Here, you address your right to drive in Arizona.  Again, an attorney is important so that you meet deadlines, and observe rules in order to avoid automatic suspension of your license.

DUI Criminal Court:

This court process begins when you appear before a judge in a courtroom.  It is possible that your attorney may attend this in your behalf (depending on the class of DUI:  misdemeanor or felony).  Your charges against you will be read and bail may be set at this hearing.

Next, there will be a preliminary hearing.  The judge decides whether there is enough evidence to support the accusation of the DUI charges against you. 

Again, an important time for your DUI attorney to be present and representing your rights.

In cases such as aggravated DUI, an arraignment at the Superior Court, a pre-trial, and a trial will take place.

Throughout all the proceedings which take place at DUI court, a My AZ Lawyer attorney will be prepared to represent your rights and to assist you at the hearings, conferences, and trials.