What’s your DUI-Q?

How well do you know the Mesa Arizona DUI law? Do you know your rights when being stopped for a DUI or the consequences for a DUI conviction?

Test your IQ regarding Arizona DUI:

IQTrue or False: You have the right to refuse a Mesa field sobriety test if asked to do so by a police officer.
True. Field sobriety tests such as the one-leg stand, finger-to-nose tests, walk-a-straight-line, and other tests are voluntary in Mesa, Arizona.

True or False: Eating food can help you to sober up before you drive home after drinking. False. Eating before drinking may have an effect of the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream, but eating anything (including breath mints, pennies, or hard candies) will not help your drunkenness/impairedness due to consuming too much alcohol.

True or False: You should answer a police officer if he/she asks if you have been drinking.
False. A Mesa AZ officer is asking you this question because your answer can be used against you as evidence. Your right is to remain silent and observe your right against self-incrimination. Your option instead of answering the question is to decline to answer the question and ask to call your Mesa DUI attorney.

True or False: You can refuse to take a blood test. This depends. If you have been arrested for a DUI and refuse to take the blood test, your driver’s license will be revoked for at least one year. Many times an officer will obtain a warrant in order to test your blood, even if you have declined. Arizona DUI laws are strict and tough; in fact, according to the law, it is implied that any person driving a motor vehicle and arrested for DUI is presumed to have given consent to the law.

True or False: You have the right to consult an attorney before an officer asks you to take a field sobriety test. False. According to Arizona courts, you do not have the right to counsel unless or until you are placed under arrest. You may, however, when asked to perform field sobriety tests to refuse the test and ask to speak with an attorney in Mesa.

True or False: You had one glass of wine. You are pulled over for speeding. You honestly tell the officer you had one glass of wine, as you are responsible and under control. It is possible that you blow over the legal limit if asked to take the breathalyzer test. True. You know you didn’t over indulge enough to possibly be dangerous or even “intoxicated,” but there are some things that can affect the accuracy / results of a breathalyzer test.

True or False: Drinking coffee will help you sober up before you drive your vehicle. False. Caffeine or any other ingredients in coffee will not help your liver metabolize alcohol, therefore not help you be more sober. Drinking coffee, taking a cold shower, or getting fresh air may give you a false sense of being more alert, but it has zero impact on the Blood Alcohol Content in your system.


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