States with top drivers under the influence of drugs

Top States Where Alcohol and Drugs Cause Traffic Fatalities

Top States With DUI Fatalities Drivers who are under the influence are a threat no matter where you live. Drugs and alcohol can impair a driver’s judgment, putting everyone else on the road at risk. Reaction times are slowed, drivers are unable to stay in the right lane, they run stop signs and red lights, and they disregard traffic laws. The results can be catastrophic. recently released information about the states with the most traffic fatalities caused by drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The publication analyzed 18 years of data between 1995 and 2013, and it found that 26 percent of all fatal accidents involved drugs and alcohol, resulting in 267,598 deaths.

The state with the most fatal accidents involving alcohol was South Dakota. The state had 22 fatal accidents involving a driver under the influence for every 100,000 residents. At least one person was killed in each of those accidents, but sometimes more.

The states filling out the top 10, in order, were Wyoming, Arkansas, Nebraska, Montana, Mississippi, Maine, Kentucky, Louisiana, and West Virginia.

North Dakota had the most fatal car accidents involving drugs — eight for every 100,000 residents. Filling out the top 10, in order, were Wyoming, Montana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Vermont, South Dakota, South Carolina and Alabama. further broke down the types of accidents according to county. For example, it found that accidents involving marijuana were most prevalent in Hawaii, while accidents involving narcotics were most prevalent in Arizona (specifically, Yavapai County).

Other than this county showing up for the most accidents involving narcotics, Arizona did not land on any of these lists for the highest number of traffic fatalities. However, that doesn’t mean that drivers in the state are safe from these risks.

States with top drivers under the influence of drugs According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were 708 fatal crashes in the state last year, out of 109,554 crashes total. Only 238 of those crashes involved alcohol. The other fatal accidents were primarily caused by high speeds or distracted driving. Many fatalities were also attributed to not using a safety belt.

The Auto Insurance Center also put together a list of the top causes for traffic fatalities in each state, and police pursuit was cited as the top cause in Arizona. (Other states who shared this top cause were South Dakota, Texas, Alabama and Georgia.)

Other than moving out of the way when you see an obviously erratic driver, there is not much you can do about other drivers on the road. Even the best defensive driving cannot guarantee your safety.

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