Queen Creek DUI Lawyers

Queen Creek DUI Lawyers

Our Experienced Queen Creek DUI Lawyers offer Free Case Evaluations and Payment Plans.  Queen Creek DUI Lawyers have valuable experience dealing with officials in Queen Creek and throughout Arizona.

Queen Creek, Arizona DUI attorney adQueen Creek DUI Lawyers will be of great help when a DUI arrest happens to you in Queen Creek, Arizona.  If you aren’t familiar with the Queen Creek, Arizona DUI law, it’s time to call an attorney who specializes in these cases.  Did you know that the majority of people arrested and charged with DUI in Queen Creek are facing a first-time DUI and most of the time a first ever criminal offense? 

Queen Creek DUI law recognizes only law offenders… even if they are upstanding citizens that pay taxes, raise families, and have jobs in the community.  So if you are the “typical” one getting pulled over to the side of the road and arrested for DUI, understandably you are probably frightened, embarrassed, and worried… what is going to happen next?

Don’t let a DUI ruin your life.  You might have quite a bit to discuss with an experienced Queen Creek DUI lawyer.  Call My AZ Lawyers for a FREE CASE EVALUATION.  When the realization sets in that you may have a DUI conviction on your record, act quickly to your circumstances by  calling My AZ lawyers and discussing your case. An attorney at My AZ Lawyers will be able to give you some options.  Being an expert at Arizona DUI law, an attorney will be able to examine the details of your case and prepare a strong defense. 

Do you know the consequences you are facing if convicted of a DUI in Queen Creek, Arizona?

Do you know that you can beat a DUI charge in Queen Creek?

The sooner you call the Queen Creek DUI lawyers at My AZ Lawyers, the sooner you can take advantage of the help they can offer:  help through the DUI process, building a solid defense, and getting you the best possible outcome.

How the DUI works in Queen Creek, Arizona:

A police officer will pull over a vehicle if they observe it to display behavior that would give them probable cause to do so or if you are stopped at a sanctioned DUI checkpoint.  “Probable cause” is a loose term, and this is possibly what you may have your My AZ Lawyer attorney argue against.  After stopping a motorist suspected of driving impaired, a police officer will ask questions in an attempt to either get you to admit that you have been drinking and driving, or to observe you further in order to conclude you are intoxicated. 

A motorist stopped for suspicion of DUI only has to give a name, present a driver’s license, and take a breath test.  Queen Creek has an implied consent law, meaning if you refuse to take a breath test, your driver’s license will automatically be suspended for one year (even if a DUI charge is dismissed).

Again, if you took a breath test, and consult with our Queen Creek DUI Lawyers,  our experienced Queen Creek attorneys know how to argue a validity of a breath test.   Driving under the influence is a serious offense in Arizona.  Don’t just plead guilty, know your rights and find out your defenses.  Call our Queen Creek DUI Lawyers right away for a free case evaluation.

Call My AZ Lawyers for a FREE CASE EVALUATION.  Discuss with an experienced Queen Creek, Arizona attorney your case in order to answer any questions you may have concerning the DUI process and your case and to discover your options in order to proceed with the case making knowledgable decisions.

Penalties for a DUI conviction in Queen Creek, Arizona

There are different penalties for repeat offenders, or for a high blood-alcohol content.  For example, if there was an accident or property damage involved.  Always consult a Queen Creek DUI Lawyers office for assistance in fighting a criminal offense in Queen Creek, Arizona.

  • For a first-time misdemeanor DUI conviction, there is a standard set of penalties:
  • jail time  (10 days typically suspended to 1 day if an offender agrees to attend counseling)
  • probation (1 year typically)
  • fines ($250 fine in addition to other fines and fees associated with the charge)
  • suspended licensee (90 days)

About Queen Creek, Arizona

Queen Creek is kndownloadown for it’s “small town” atmosphere (approximately 31,000 residents), amazing climate (330 days of sunshine throughout the year), and a variety of recreational activities.  Queen Creek has many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.  This includes the San Tan and Goldmine Mountains to the south, and the Superstition Mountains to the northeast.

Queen Creek esidents are close to the amenities of a big city.  Because Queen Creek is in the East Valley of the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  Queen City is located in Maricopa Counimages-2ty, Arizona.  The city has parks, golf courses, shopping (Queen Creek Marketplace), and access to both the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway and Sky Harbor airports.

Some attractions that Queen Creek is know for:

  • The American Heritage Festival
  • Schnepf farms
  • The Queen Creek Performing Arts Center
  • Horseshoe Paimagesrk and Equestrian Centre
  • Queen Creek Library
  • Barney Family Sports Complex
  • Queen Creek Olive Mill
  • Historic properties
  • Rittenhouse Elementary School / San Tan Historical Society Museum

For more information about Queen Creek, Arizona, visit the official website.