Driving While Intoxicated, What’s with all the Letters?

DUI Acronyms

DUI AcronymsDUI, DWI, OMVI, OVI… all acronyms that basically name the same offense: operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DUI is the most commonly used term meaning driving under the influence. “Under the influence” means operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol or drugs— a driver has consumed something that has impaired their ability to operate their vehicle properly.

It is unlawful for a person to be in actual physical control of a vehicle in the state of Arizona while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, drug, or vapor releasing substances that contain toxic substances, or a combination of any of these if it causes the person to be impaired to the slightest degree.

DWI, driving while intoxicated, better known as “drunk driving,” implies that a driver was operating a vehicle after consuming too much alcohol. DUI is a term that is more inclusive, as the driver is impaired due to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, DWI is now referred to as driving while impaired, so the meaning of those letters DWI assumes impairment due to more than just booze.

OMVI, operating a motorized vehicle impaired, also refers to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some states, however, have now changed OMVI to OVI: Operating a Vehicle Impaired. The change came about in some states where it is a crime to operate almost any “vehicle” while impaired; such as bicycles or horse-drawn carriages.

The state of Arizona defines driving under the influence, or DUI, as driving or operating a vehicle while mentally or physically impaired by any drug, alcohol, or vapor releasing substance. If you have been arrested for DUI in Arizona and need assistance or advice, consult an experienced Arizona DUI attorney.


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Can You Fool a Breathalyzer Test?

Do any of these “tricks” actually work??

Just get pulled over and have been drinking? There are lots of myths regarding “sobering up” and “fooling” a breathalyzer test. Before getting behind the wheel, some people believe that if they get some fresh air, drink coffee, or even splash some cold water on their face will help them get sober. The best way to “sober” up is to let time pass as prolonged length of time allows the alcohol in your system to pass.

Can You Fool a Breathalyzer Test?There are some interesting, comical, even bizarre “secret” ways to beat a DUI. A breathalyzer is used by police to determine the blood alcohol content, which is the concentration of alcohol in the blood. There’s a lot of advice , or should we say delusions, out there that tell people what to do if ever in the situation where they have been drinking and pulled over facing a breath test. No doubt under the circumstances, panicked and faced with a possible DUI, people will try anything. Getting a DUI is no laughing matter, but it is ind of funny what people really believe will get them
to pass the breathalyzer test.

Sucking on a penny. Really? Gross. Yes, better than a DUI arrest, but ridiculous. A tic-tac or breath mint. The officer might think you have minty-fresh breath, but it will do no good when you breathe into the machine that will take the deep breaths from your lungs. Eating garlic or an onion. First of all, who carries onions and/or raw garlic with them in the car “in case I need to fool a breathalyzer”? So if fresh breath doesn’t work, why would stinky breath?

I guess if you are going to go against all advice that these don’t work to pass a breath test, then you should probably opt for the good breath? True, eating these strong-scented foods may mask the smell of alcohol on your breath, but it doesn’t mask the amount of alcohol in your system, which is detected by the breathalyzer.

I know desperate times call for desperate measures, but a newspaper article actually reported that a man in the back seat of a patrol car tried to eat his underwear in the hopes that the cotton fabric would absorb the alcohol. A word for the wise…. eating or sucking on your grundies does NOT help your case in determining that you are not under the influence. Nor does it fool any drunk driving tests.

Even if you’ve heard personal testimonies about any of the above working, they don’t. They make for really cool stories, but they do not fake-out a breathalyzer. Don’t you think the Arizona law enforcement officers are aware of all these absurd methods that people try to fool them? Come on! Of course they do!! When you are sucking on a penny as they are asking you for your driver’s license and car registration, they know what’s up. Plus, the breathalyzers that police officers use these days are highly advanced and modern, in addition, police usually wait some time after pulling you over before administering a breath test.

Ever heard of the “Breathalyzer Blitz”? These are mints sold in bars and marketed by a company that claimed these mints would rid the breath of alcohol odors. Does it make any sense that you could sit in a bar and get “over-served” and then suck on a candy so you are “OK” to drive? Obviously a genius marketing strategy to cash in on the fact that if some people are desperate to try eating coins, they would certainly try this.

Some people were even convinced that the something different beverage Zima was the key to fool the test because it left little odor on the breath. But it is still alcohol, people, and despite the fact that you can’t smell it doesn’t mean the alcohol isn’t in your system.

Finally, belching. Belching! No, burping has no effect on breath analysis test results. It’s just rude. The television program Myth Busters aired a segment on what works to beat a breathalyzer test. Nothing worked. Except not drinking. Or not driving after you have been drinking.

Basically, the only way to beat a breathalyzer is to WAIT until the alcohol is out of your system totally. However, if you find yourself facing a breathalyzer or driving under the influence charges, please contact an experienced DUI lawyer or DUI attorney and seek sound advice and guidance.


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